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The flexible solution for medical product storage

KLS Twin Kommissionierautomat, KLS Steuerungstechnik GmbH, KLS Pharma Robotics

KLS TWIN SYSTEM offers the perfect solution for square storerooms


The KLS Twin System is designed for an almost square floor plan, the construction containing the operational space and side-by-side shelves with a storage compactness of 50/50.

The KLS Twin System has a capacity of 15 000 packages it is incomparable and can be considered as most suitable for many kinds of pharmacies.

The KLS Twin system´s price-quality ratio is esteemed as proficient as that of its little brother SOLO. With the optional Super-Silent Casing noise emission can be reduced to 35 db.



Storage scheme Drawer framework with haphazard volume optimized storage system
Capacity up to 20.000 packages
Measurements Width from 2,75 to 3,85 m
Length from 2,15 to 3,55 m
Height from 2,00 to 4,00 m
Options Round package storage, integrated label printer, refrigerator, video surveillance and laser protection system
Storage Fully- or semi- automated storage
Delivery up to 450 packages per hour
Exterior casing KLS standard casing with sound and heat insulated aluminium panels in a silver metallic look. Exterior casing can be delivered in any color or material
Noise emission ≤ 48 dB in standard casing / ≤ 36 dB in super silent casing
Gripping techniques Double vacuum gripper for large and heavy packages, electro- magnetic gripper for drawer handling
Adaptions Can be adjusted in 5cm (1,96 in.) steps to fit into any room. Asymmetrical construction in varying heights and widths available recommended for pharmacies with quadratic storage room
Construction time ca. 8-12 weeks
Installation ca. 3-4 days
  • Maximal flexible Bauweise
  • Störungsfreier Betrieb
  • Professionelle Planung und Umsetzung
  • Minimale Personalbindung
  • Direkte Verfügbarkeit jeder Packung
  • Höchste Lagerdichte
  • Günstige Anschaffungspreise
  • Premium Wartungsservice
  • Maximaler Automatisierungsgrad
  • Besonders leiser Betrieb