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The fully automatic storage for medical products

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The fully automatic storage gives you more time for your customers.


Pharmacies working with KLS Systems are able to reduce their stocks by up to 30% and still improve service to customers.

To arrive at the best possible solution it is necessary consider the facility in its entirety.

It will then become apparent why KLS commissioning systems with their variable and flexible construction offer the best solution. The flexible planning allows for maximum creativity.


You will find that the KLS systems short transport distances facilitate rapid delivery times even when the pharmacy is at its busiest. KLS system supports your personnel by eliminating waiting time.


The biggest advantage of a KLS System is the stock administration. all existing KLS Systems 86% are fully automated. This enables stock to be distributed after simply being emptied on to the conveyor belt taking staff a matter of seconds. The KLS portal identifies stock, catalogues the central pharmaceutical identification number and takes the package measurements. Also if the stock is enhanced with a 2D Code, the portal will register batch number, sell by date and authenticity certificate. After the KLS software has taken all measurements it then calculates the smallest possible space in which packages can be deposited, it is then transferred with precision, deviating by a maximum of 0,2mm. When all stock has been catalogued, the information is then transferred to the inventory software for shop use. An average pharmacy can save 52 hours a month of employees’ time. Defraying the investment costs.


Functions Fully automatic separation, measuring, article recognition, identification and transportation into the storage space. Tip it on, and your work is done!
Capacity up to 1.000 packages depending on conveyor belts
Measurements Lenght 1,10 m
Width 0,79 m
Height 2,05 m
Special features Image recognition via high speed camera (1.000 p/sec), reads 2-D-datamatrix and barcodes from any perspective
Separation Hardly any noise emission due to the horizontally positioned rotation disc
Gripping techniques Double vacuum gripper
Outer casing KLS standard casing. outer casing can be delivered in any colour or material
Noise emission ≤50 dB in standard outer casing
Error tolerance Fully automatic recognition and rejection of unfamiliar articles
Operable product range Cubic packaging from 30x15x5 mm up to 200x150x120 mm optional accessories are available for round packaging
Construction time ca. 4-6 weeks
  • Maximum on construction flexibility
  • Constant failure free operating
  • Professional planning and execution
  • Direct availability of every package
  • Minimal personal involvement
  • Highest storage density
  • Low investment cost
  • Premium service
  • Near to total level of automation
  • Super silent