Modern developed techniques and the use of the most up to date high tech processes have catapulted KLS to a strong market position. Due to our wide experience and the effective deployment of our engineers and technicians we can guarantee cost awareness while still remaining flexibile.


We cover the following fields of experience without loss of interface


• KLS pharmacy commisioning systems

• Automation of production systems


• Quality assurance data collection

• Control cabinet – planing/construction

• Electrics planing and installation.

• Software developement for SPS, S7

• Image processing

• Robotics


Tremendous know how and high employee motivation ensure that for our customers, KLS is a synonym for competent professional support/care.


The fully automatic ware storage for your pharmacy


The KLS module based construction system can accommodate all aspects for a client/demand orientated integration into your inventory management system still keepimg within your budget.


KLS logistic systems are based on a drawer storage system enabling a 24 hour fully automatic admission and discharging of stock.


The module based contruction sytem is available as a semi or fully automatic system allowing a stock control of between 7 000 and upto 40 000 packs. The high speed storage/delivery of between 450 and upto 900 packs per hour sets hardly any limits.


The KLS system is started by simply tipping the delivered ware onto the conveyor belt. Delivery is just as simple as the storage. Packs can be delivered onto the shop floor or into postage packets ready for internet, catolgue or old peolpe residences delivery.


KLS modules can offer you, already, all possible transactions that the future may hold for your ware management. Due to space optimization the requirements are minimal enabling KLS to be installed almost anywhere.


By taking over stock management KLS module systems create more time for customer bonding and sales.


Qualified and competent employees are now no longer occupied for hours controlling, cataloging and stowing ware.


After the automatic inventory management system has completed the intake, all relevant data, error free, is immediately available.


Due to the shift of manpower from the storage floor to the sales floor you obtain the opportunity to widen your range of offers. Trends such as anti aging, wellness, advice on dental hygiene, cosmetic ranges with dermatological cosmetic treatments can all be integrated into your pharmacy.

The KLS development and production centre is located in the beautiful town of Weiskirchen,
close to the French border.


more than 75 dedicated mechatronic engineers and technicians are employed by KLS, and who are continuously developing and constructing robotic pharmacy systems. All systems are based on the oldest and most proven patents for chaotic, volume optimized storage



KLS Management





KLS Steuerungstechnik GmbH Weiskirchen

As unique as your pharmacy.

As individual as you are.

KLS is synonymous with highest quality and performance

Made in Germany.

Ralf Stecinsky


Manfred Seibold


KLS Pharma Robotics Logo, KLS Steuerungstechnik GmbH, KLS Pharma Robotics
KLS Slogan "The Art of Engineering", KLS Steuerungstechnik GmbH, KLS Pharma Robotics
Manfred Seibold, Geschäftsführer KLS Steuerungstechnik GmbH, KLS Pharma Robotics
Ralf Stecinsky, Geschäftsführer KLS Steuerungstechnik GmbH, KLS Pharma Robotics
  • 1998 S&T HMR GmbH founded.
  • 2003 Acquisition of patents for the fully automatic volume optimized chaotic storage.
  • 2004 Launch of the new development, the KLS Module System at Expopharm in Munich.
  • 2005 Development of fully automatic loading of full pack medicines.
  • 2006 Company name change to
    KLS Steuerungstechnik GmbH
  • 2007 Successful installation of KLS systems in pharmacies with over 1,000 customers a day.
  • 2008 Installation of the largest KLS system with 8 storage towers and a capacity of 58,000 packs.
  • 2009 Completion of the new production and development centre at Weiskirchen.
  • 2010 Evolution of the KLS portal for fully automatic storage with a reduced footprint of 50%.
  • 2011 Installation of KLS systems in Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and the Netherlands.
  • 2013 Successful installation of the KLS-Full-Duplex System in the “SANIPLUS Apotheke im OEZ”,the busiest automated pharmacy in Germany.
  • 2014 Completion of the new administration building and the expansion of the production facility bya further 1,000m²
  • 2015 KLS - now fully owned by PRO MEDISOFT AG - offering high-end quality like the new KLS SL 500 series and many more successful inventions , is now named:  KLS PHARMA ROBOTICS GmbH

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